girl dumps guy – but 12 weeks later, she’s begging for him back!

Girl dumps boyfriend, then begs him back after he loses 2 stone


What started off as unfortunate only turned worse for 26-year-old Carl Matthews of Winnipeg, CA. First of all, he was struggling with some credit card debt, and then he lost his job. His stress had reached an all-time high and this caused him to overeat. Sitting at home for days on end, applying for job after job, with no luck. He was getting deeper and deeper into depression and piling on the pounds by the day. At times like these we want to know that this stuff doesn’t matter to the ones that we love but in Carl’s case, it did matter and was he promptly dumped by his long-term girlfriend of 4 years.


Her name is Amy Parkinson and in her defense, she says, “I was just over his lack of motivation. Carl was the sweetest guy but was in a never-ending hole. My girlfriends would continuously tell me that I needed someone with drive, who could look after me and I just never saw Carl being that person again. It was sad to see and I tried to help him numerous times, with no luck.”

So, Amy thought that she was doing herself a favor by cutting him loose and that’s when Carl’s life changed forever.

The day he finished with him, something clicked inside his head – people say they have never been as good looking as when they’ve just been through a breakup. For Carl this was true and it gave him the kickstart he needed to change his life.

12 weeks later, he was 2 stone down and his ex Amy began to make contact with Carl, asking how he was doing.

Carl says, “She started calling, texting, emailing, saying she wanted to give it another go. Saying she wanted to make it work. That she loved me, she missed me, she couldn’t imagine life without me.” Well, she couldn’t image her life without him NOW.

Carl’s answer is a solid “no” for now. Amy disagrees and sees hope for their future together. We’ll keep you updated!

Who’s side are you on or do you believe they both have valid points?

Power to you Carl! Don’t wait for something horrendous to happen to help you to get healthy!


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